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CEO Perspectives: Matt Patsky on the Future of SRI in GreenMoney

July 26, 2017 // Boston, MA: The July/August 2017 issue of GreenMoney Journal on “The Next 25 Years of Sustainable Responsible Impact Investing and Business”  features an article written by Trillium Asset Management CEO Matt Patsky titled “The Future of SRI”. This issue celebrates the publication’s 25th anniversary and includes additional insights from colleagues across sustainable and responsible investing. Matt Patsky writes:

Eight years ago I received the call asking me to consider joining Trillium Asset Management as CEO. Since that time, we have seen more interest than ever in the field of sustainable investing from a wide variety of institutions, mainstream money managers, and families often driven by women and millennials, bringing their assets over to impact.
But we are also keenly aware that since the election, the new Administration is actively working to dismantle many of the key policy initiatives we have advocated for over the last 35 years. So we are at an interesting crossroad. Looking out over the horizon, I see six emerging trends that I believe shed light on the future of sustainable investing. They are: Increasing CEO Accountability; Companies Taking a Stand on Policy; Higher Expectations for Money Managers; Higher Votes for ESG Shareholder Proposals; Greater Attacks on Shareholder Rights; and the Need for Measuring Impact of Advocacy and Policy.

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