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New CFP Report: Chemical Footprinting Moves to the Mainstream

August 3, 2017 // Boston, MA – Clean Production Action in partnership with the UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and Pure Strategies released the second annual Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Report. The report gives investors data and findings on the progress companies across a variety of industry sectors are making toward developing environmentally sound chemicals management policies and practices. As signatories of the project, Trillium Asset Management has engaged several portfolio companies requesting their participation in the assessment survey. In addition, Susan Baker, Vice President of Shareholder Advocacy at Trillium and Jeremy Cote, Research Analyst at Trillium serve as members of the project’s steering committee.
This year 24 companies participated – a clear signal that regulatory requirements, customer and investor demands, product recalls, and market opportunities are driving companies to develop and implement comprehensive chemical management programs.  Participating companies included:
adidas AG, Alima Pure, Angelica Corporation, Beautycounter, Becton Dickinson and Co, Case Medical, Inc., Construction Specialties, Inc., GOJO Industries, Inc., Herman Miller, Inc., HP Inc., Inpro Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Kimball Hospitality Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., nora systems, Inc., Radio Flyer, Replenish, Seagate Technology PLC, Sealed Air Corporation, Seventh Generation, Walmart Stores, Inc., and WaterWipes.
“We applaud the participating companies who are leveraging the chemical footprint project to bolster transparency and understand the risks and opportunities in their operations,” said Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management. “For investors looking for meaningful data on chemical management, this report sets the record straight – companies can measure and take definitive steps to reduce chemicals of high concern and invest in safer alternatives.” Safer chemistry makes good business sense and is vitally important to the health of our communities and economy as a whole.  As chemical footprinting continues to move mainstream the CFP can become an increasingly valuable resource for investors.”
A copy of the full Report can be downloaded here: https://www.chemicalfootprint.org/results


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